the week i realized im one of the old missionaries

30 Jul


This week we got to do an intercambio with the hermanas in Yerbal in Treinta y Tres. Which was weird… because those hermans aren’t in our district. I secretly wanted to go with Hna. Muir, because I love her and we were in the CCM together and I wanted to talk to her about everythiiiiing, haha, but it was ok, because those 2 companionships all live together in the same house. Missionary sleepover, basically.

But the area of Yerbal is TINYYYYY. Smaller than Varela, and Varela is microscopic. But it was really great. We asked the elders why we were doing an intercambio with them and what they told us made us feel really good. They said that we are very persistent hermanas, that we know how to extende compromisos and get our investigators to live those compromisos, and that these hermanas had that as their weak spot. So we were like “Awww! Ok!!!” Haha.

So I went to 33 and Hna. Acosta stayed here. I met with their investigators and got them all to commit to go to church. Haha. It was fun. Hna. Velasquez is a tiny little Peruvian. She has 6 months on the mission. I realized how old I am in the mission this week. Hna. Muir is a valiente next change, and that means I’m next. And I’m kind of scared, because being a missionary is like, all I know how to be right now, and it’ll be weird going home, or even knowing that it’s my last couple of months. I dunno… But I don’t wanna think about that. But I like being a missionary. I like being an instrument in the hands of God, it’s a nice feeling knowing I’m literally being led to people who need to hear what I have to say, which is the gospel of Christ.

Our new Branch President is AWESOME. We had a meeting where we told him all about our investigators, and he was so excited to help us out. I’m excited to work with him… except he lives in 33…. but we are going to eat lunch with him and his wife on Tuesdays after our meetings in 33! YAY! We obviously automatically love anyone who gives us food. Haha.

We have a great investigator named Daniel. He reads all we leave him, he prays, he goes to church, excepppppppt his pareja doesn’t want to marry him, which is sucky. We had a charla with him where he just bore his soul and told us how badly he wants to be baptized because he knows this is true. It was really sad. So, um, pray for him! We might have a baptism this weekend, Marcos, which is a recent convert’s 16 year-old-son. He’s pretty cool! So we just need to get him, taught and bam, to the water. Heh.

Well, I love you all.

Chelsea and Marito you two are shunned for not writing. NO BIG DEAL. Also, I’m giving you… the BLACK SPOT!!!!!! But I love yooooooou. Haha.


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