the week the Guayan sky was diagnosed with bipolar disorder

20 Aug


This week had the weirdest weather in the whole wide world. I like Uruguay because when it’s going to rain, it gets reeeeeeally hot and humid the day before, and it’s a really really pretty day. Then, all hell breaks loose the next day and it’s rainy and story and suuuper ugly. But hey, at least we get a warning. Right  now it’s raining really hard and we’re in 33 ’cause we wanted to escape Varela for the day and hang out with the zone, so yaaaaay!!
Marcos needs to be operated ASAP for his ear. He was born with a problem in his ear and he has had an infection really bad for the last month or so. His infection has gotten really horrible and they’re just waiting to take him to Montevideo to operate. So, pray for him! His little sister is our new investigator for the week. She’s been to church about 3 times. and so she is prrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooobably gonna get baptized this weekend. Let’s hope the crazy opposition that Satan likes to throw at us every time there’s a baptism isn’t too big.
We have some crazy opposition right now in the form of a member who used to love us like 2 weeks ago, but now wants nothing more than to see us out of Varela. It’s really sad and really scary. Especially since we literally didn’t do anything to her. We hadn’t even seen her for a week, and now she hates us. Sad. Buuuut, we aren’t leaving Varela. We are here for a reason and so she’s just gonna have to get over that. Hehe.
Someone fed us this week. BLESSED MIRACLE. Luisa, a recent convert here made us canelones. Which I love. One day I will make them for you all. But she said the most amazing, loving, heart-felt prayer ever in the whole world. It went something like this “Lord, thanks for sending these missionaries to Varela. Thanks for the work they do. And please bless these poor, hungry, starving missionaries… that they might find food to survive, amen.” …………. I LOVE her.
I finished the Book of Mormon again this week. I love that book. It is so very true. And I have no idea where I would be if I didn’t have that book in my life. The words of those prophets are there to guide us. I love Ether 8:26… I think…. where it says that the Book of Mormon has the power to destroy all evil and it can help us to do good continually. It’s so true. I’m so glad for the Restoration and the chance we have to have a book with the fullness of the gospel. THE CHURCH IS TRUUUUUUUUUUUE. Yay!!! So now I want to read my spanish scriptures again before I leave. It’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be a challenge…. but I will do it. I’m excited.
Well. I have to go now. I love you all. And I miss you all too.
Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove and hugs and high fives.
– Hna. Ruiz

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