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Sept 10 17 months down, only ONE(!!!!!!) to go…

15 Sep

Well… on Friday I hit 17 months. But still. That’s pretty awesome and terrifying all at the same time. I’m nervous, but excited!! (who remembers that Zac Efron SNL skit?? I doooo!!)

I was super sick this week. I had a nasty cold flu like thing, and all my energy was drained and I was sniffling and sneezing every minute. But luckily, I had saved some dayquil and nyquil because I knew I was going to get sick either this change or the next one. And now I’m better. I sound like I’m 70 and have been smoking since I was 3 buuuuuuuuuuuut as long as I can preach and teach, I’m okay.
Yesterday one of the Zone Leaders and another elder came to help us out in Varela with priesthood. We saw them on the bus and they waved to us, and I was trying to signal to them to get off at that stop where the bus was stopped (perfectly in front of the chapel) but they didn’t get it and the bus drove off, and then in the middle of the next block the bus stopped suddenly to let them off. It was really funny. Way to go, elders! I told President all about the priesthood situation last week in my email to him and he called all worried this week and he asked me what I think should happen, and I told him that Varela needs elders, that there’s just some things an hermana cant do. And so he told me to prepare the area book, and to get everything ready. So at least I know I’ll be ending my mission somewhere else. I hope it’s not somewhere expensive. We don’t get reimbursals as Valientes 😦
So we had a zone council this week, and they gave us more information about when Elder Oaks is coming, and Elder Aleman was trying to scare me and telling me that Elder Oaks was coming the 31st of October, and I was like, “Nooo!” and so the ZLs were like, “Well, Elder Oaks is coming at the end of October,” and I was like “No no no no, when when when when?!?!” and they said he’s coming the 27th! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. So it’s perfectly before I come home. I’ll tell you guys all about it in person, haha.
So I’ve had like 3 dreams where I’ve been home and you guys had forgotten to call President Score to tell him that I was home and he was busy and so I had to stay a missionary longer. So, um, tell him I’ll be home November 1st please!!
We are planning on Daniel getting baptized this weekend! Me and Hna Acosta were talking’ and we were wondering what as our purpose of staying such a short time in Varela, and we realized that hey, in 2 changes, we had 3 baptisms, and they needed us specifically, because elders have tried for literally years with these people we baptized and so it’s nice to know that yeah, some people needed me to teach them. I love the mission. It’s so great to see so clearly that the Lord has used us young missionaries as instruments in His hands, in the most important work that leads to the most important decision that affects our eternities, which is baptism. I’m so glad I came to the mission.

Aug 27 the week Pepe woke up!!

4 Sep

So, there were a lot of drunk guys outside our house like 2 nights ago, because it was Guayan Independence Day. And there was a band of drunks just trying so hard to find their way home, but they couldn’t remember. So Pepe, one of them, decided to sit down. But then he passed out. All his equally drunk friends freaked out and thought he was dying and were like “PEPE! DESPIERTA! No despierta Pepe!!! Ahhhhh *drunk slurs and tears* Pepe!” So then they called a taxi to take them home, and Pepe woke up. God bless Pepe for waking up.

So we had an AMAZING conference with Elder Francisco Viñas of the 70!! He talked about how we need to apply the atonement to our mission, and that is how we will be able to have true conversion for ourselves and for our investigators. It was AWESOME. President Armstrong talked about how we need to become faith-filled missionaries, because without the faith to find investigators, how are we supposed to see all those miracles? Man, I came out of that conference so ready to  work; it was amazing. I was inviting everyone to be baptized; it was so great. I hope this motivation keeps up. Haha. All the elders who are in my group who were there were like, “Hey hermana…… 2 months!!!” and would bug me about almost being done. It was pretty funny. I’m gonna miss the mission 😦 But hey, I still got a lot of time, heh.
ELDER DALLIN H. OAKS IS COMING TO URUGUAY!!!!! We are gonna have a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE conference with our whole mission, and the other mission here in Uruguay, and it’s going to be amazing!!! He comes in October, right before I leave. Yessssssss. October is going to be so great. Im gonna go to the temple with one of my first converts, Jose Suarez! Yay! I saw the Hermanas in Melo, and they said is he SO active and strong, and that he wants to go to the temple ASAP. I’m so happy 🙂 And I’m also gonna go to the temple with another convert Maxi! AND there’s General Conference, AAAAAND Elder Oaks is coming. I am so friggin’ excited for my last month. And I mean that in the least trunky way ever. Haha.
Well. Pray we find new investigators. That’s what we are trying to do nowadays. Varela is a pretty hard area. I remember before I went to San Jose everyone was like “Omg, that’s the hardest hermana area” …. pfffft. nope. Varela is pretty hard. We’ve had 2 baptisms, which is great, but finding people who aren’t part-member families is hard. But we will find people! Maybe Pepe will listen to us ……
I love you all!
-Hna Rrrrrrrrrrrrrruiz
P.S. 66 DAYS!!!!!!!

Aug 27 mascara running down my face

4 Sep

One week, I didn’t get an email from my brother and sister in law,…. and I cried tears of darkness and sorrow.

*emo face*. And now a random haiku to express my feelings.
I eat mayonaise
uruguay makes me suffer
email to survive
Hahahahaha. Haikus are weird.
I want pictures of Windham!! Plllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
Love you!!!