Sept. 24 the week there was a TROPICAL CYCLONE

2 Oct

True story. But ya know, no big deal. We just couldn’t go out to work at all on Wednesday. Winds were way too crazy. So many trees fell in our area, it was really spooky. And now it’s just cold. LAME.

So my area is San Jose de Carrasco 2! We live next door to the Zone Leaders, and we share the ward. Basically like in San Jose de Mayo. Love it. We have lunch (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!) with the Elders and the members, it’s pretty awesome! Our area is HUGE. We have a MALL. This mall has everything, including a Mc Donald’s, Burger King (which I havent seen since home–my oro was confused when I was like “OMG BURGER KING?!”) Good times. Also, here’s the worst part. The northern part of our area ends aaaat…. the AIRPORT. Hahaha. I see planes all the time. So much for not thinking about going home.
Leaving Varela was really sad. Bruno’s mom told us he cried all night. Poor kid. They came to say bye to us at the bus station. I miss them all so much. But we went to mission home on Monday, and President Armstrong had a meeting with me and Hna. Acosta to talk about Varela’s future. I hope all goes well. We had an amazing capacitacion for the trainers. O sea, the trainers were trained on how to train. We had dinner with the Armstrong’s. Spaghetti… and there was Ranch Dressing. Hna Lopez and I were like “What. No! Really? This exists here!?” Hna Lopez is like my favorite person ever. She’s in San Jose de Mayo, and we have wanted to be comps for forever, but this will do. Haha. We basically had a sleepover this last Monday ’cause we stayed in the temple hostel to wait for the oros on Tuesday.
So my oro is Hermana Mora from Santiago, Chile! Shes’ SO great. We get along really well. She is super pumped and ready to work, and she wants to do her best, and that makes me so happy. Her excitement for the work is contagious. Which is seriously, exactly what I need right now. I need your prayers. I need some strength… but yeah …
We all had to speak this Sunday, all 4 missionaries. Elder Francisco Viñas of the 70 has family in this ward, and so he was there. I gave a talk on repentance in front of Elder Viñas. Haaa. I love the mission. But after, I saw him highlighting the scriptures I used. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. and he was like “Wow, muchas gracias, hermana.”. Cool points for me!??!
But yeaaaaaaaaah. Last area, and I’m super excited. It’s going to be good. This week went by really slow. But I dunno. I know this week there WON’T be a cyclone… so maybe it’ll go faster? Yo que se!! (Super Guayan saying… I say it all the time. Prepare for that.) I love you all so much! You are all the best. Thanks so much for your prayers and support.
Hna. Ruiz

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