the week I got my trunky packet!!!!

2 Oct

I actually got 3. Well, today in the morning we went to the offices, which are in Montevideo, like 15 minutes from here. Elder Oaks is coming the 27th, and so we have a choir, and we went to practice. After, we went and hung around in the offices and Elder Mirabal was like “So, how do you like your trunky packet?” And I hadn’t gotten it. And so he went to go print one, and then the other secretary also did, and so there I got 2. And the Zone Leaders actually had it, and they’re our neighbors, and so now I have 3. Trunkiness galore. Haha. So, November 1st, at 11:30 am, I will be HOME!!!!!!!! One month. Wow! I don’t sit next to any of the elders who leave in my group. LAME. I’ll just be awkwardly alone, probably trippin’ out for a billion hours. Super excited.

This week was pretty good. I got a super bad cold on Tuesday, which was not cool.  I was completely drained, and I had to go home and rest because I seriously couldn’t find energy to walk. So we watched Elder Holland’s MTC Jan 2011 Devotional. SUPERRRRRRRRRR drop cane. He talks about what things are wrong with missionaries, and we need to understand the Doctrine of Christ. I watched it when I was an oro, and so I made my oro watch it. It was pretty cool.  We get along super well. I love her! She’s super diligent, and I can tell that she’s going to be suuuuch a successful missionary. I’m excited. I feel super old and bad, though,because she just barely turned one month on the mission yesterday, and today I got my trunky packet. SORRY, ORO!!!! But, all will be well; she’s kickin’ butt.
Anyway. I love you all. Pray for me and my companion that we can find people to baptize. We have some good investigators, they just aren’t committing to do stuff, which builds a wall for them to get to their baptism.
I love all yallz.
-Hna. Ruiz

One Response to “the week I got my trunky packet!!!!”

  1. Kimberly October 26, 2012 at 2:35 am #

    Xiomara! if you ever get this i hope you got my email!!!! love ya!

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