29 Oct

But 15 extra days to add. Whoopsies.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. I was expecting to wake up and be on an aircraft carrier and have a huge banner saying “Mission Accomplished” flowing in the air while jets flew by and all that jazz…. but nah. We just had a normal day and then made brownies. Haha. It was epic.
This week was AMAZING!!!
JOSE SUAREZ WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He got his endowments and I got to go! President called me Tuesday and he was like “Jose Suarez called me and spoke very highly of you. He told me he’s going to the temple this weekend.” “AH! REALLY!? CAN I GO!?!?” “No, I just called to brag, hermana! ……Of course you can go!!!” Haha. I love President Armstrong. He’s the best. Going to the temple with a convert was the very best thing ever. It was definitely the best moment of my mission. I walked into the celestial room and I walk over to him and he says to me, crying, “Thank you for showing me the plan of salvation” ……..wow.
I’m so glad that I came on a mission. I am so glad I was in all the areas that I’ve been and met the people that I’ve met. I’m so happy for them all. And seeing Jose and everyone from Gianola was the best way to celebrate 18 months. And now the plan is for Maxi to come to Montevideo the day I leave to go home, because we have free time to do whatever until we leave for the airport at night. And so the plan is for him to come to Montevideo and we do baptisms and then I leave. Haha. That would be the best ever. I am determined to see him in the temple, even if it’s just for baptisms. Pray for him. His mission papers got lost, and he needs to start over. He was really sad he wouldn’t be leaving this year. But he will go, which is what counts.
I loved this week. There was so much that happened. We had laughter therapy with 2 investigators we have that are totally hippies and suuuuuuuuuuuuper chill. Laughter therapy was their idea. It was hilarious and awkward all at once. Haha.
Anyway. I love you all! I’ll see you SUPER DUPER SOON!!

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