Oct 22 the week i should have been trunky, but wasn’t!

29 Oct

So. This week was pretty tranquilo. We found 2 new investigators thanks to awesome recent converts who brought them to church and activities without us even asking. I love them!! We worked really hard this week. We felt it on Sunday night. We were walking home and were walking so slow and we couldn’t even talk. Hermana Mora napped today, but I didn’t because…. I STARTED PACKING… oh, man. But no big deal. It’s just my LAST WEEK ON THE MISSION. It’s been so great. I’m going to miss Uruguay.

I’ve learned so much here in the mission. I remember in my first District Meeting Elder Jarvis read Alma 29:9-10, and I remember thinking “I want to feel that joy”. And I can totally say that I have. It’s a joy that can’t be described. It’s just so… complete. And I’ve felt that so much here on the mission. Serving the Lord has been amazing. It’s been so so so so so so hard. But it’s been worth it. All the slammed doors, the really mean people, the fallen appointments, the canceled baptisms, everything that can bring a missionary down, it’s all worth it when one person reads their scriptures, or accepts a baptismal invitation, or hey, even simply says that we can come back for another visit. But of course, the best is seeing them dressed in white, going into the baptismal font. It’s amazing. And seeing Jose Suarez in white in the temple was just another level of joy. Maxi is going to try and come to Montevideo on the 31st, before I leave so we can do the work for his mom. He’s so great. The church is SOOOOOOOO true. I’m so glad I came on the mission. I’ve changed so much, and I know that I needed this. And I know that I needed to find these people in Uruguay, not just to help them, but so that they could help and shape me. The Lord is so great 🙂
I’m gonna miss Uruguay! But it’s okay. I have this last week to give it my all. My time is up! The prophet said 18 months…. and well, technically I’ve accomplished that already buuuuuuuuuuut no big deal. Haha. Gotta make this the best last week ever! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
I dunno if Ill have time to write next week. We´re going to Castillos, and I dunno when we will get back.
Elder Oaks comes this Saturday! I’m in the choir, did I mention that? So, I get to see the back of Elder Oaks´head. YESSSSSSSS. Haha. I’ll tell you all about it IN PERSON. Haha.
I love you alll! See you in 9 days!
Hermana Ruiz

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