July 4, 2011 – The Week I Had My First Baptism!!!

18 Jul


And of course, its a child. He is 9 years old and his name is Junior and he is the BEST. He is soooo smart and so excited to learn about the gospel and he was so excited to get baptized. After his baptism he wanted to give his testimony really bad, and he wanted to do it in the sacrament room, but we were like “uh, everyone is here …” so he did it in there. but yesterday in sacrament he went up and bore his testimony. He is amazing. We have another baptism this week, and 2 more the week after. Awesoooome. The 2 others are brothers, 9 and 11, and they’re awesome. They got a text message from some church that sends mass texts and it said something about church and they were like “we texted back saying that Joseph Smith is a prophet”. WIN!!!!! I love them so much. and then the next day, we walked into their house and they were sitting on the couch reading the book of mormon, obviously staged, but it was adorable.

I had to teach primary yesterday. It was actually pretty cool. Except for I have the flu, and so i was REALLY out of it, but we read about Ammon and King Lamoni and they loved it, it was really good. I like primary! I should … I’m sure its my calling in life to work there … yay!

But yes, I have the flu. It was REALLY bad yesterday. I woke up and was really out of it, and then at church during sacrament I got worse and I was shivering the whole time. then we had to do all our contacts really early and fast because I seriously had no energy to move. Hna bowers was literally holding on to me as I walked because I was so weak. It was scary. But then she made me lay in bed until I had to go to sleep, and a member got me some medicine and now I feel better. I’m still out of it, but I’m better. Just pray i have the energy to go out tonight and work. I felt so useless, it was horrible.

Oh! the guy who’s getting baptized this week, Jose, he’s Matias, this 18 year old who’s pretty cool and is always at Abuelas house, its his dad, we were going through the baptismal interview questions and I was like “alguna vez ha cometido un crimen grave?” and he was like ” … si … como todos …….. no, broma. no estamos en El Salvador” … and i was like”AH!” and just laughed.

But this week was good. I love this area. I just want to be healthy. I’m in the groove of being a missionary, I just need to have patience with myself because im not where I want to be, but I’ll get there. I love you all, and I’m glad that im going to be aunty of little Jimmer Tyrone! Yaaaaay!


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